If you have received an unsolicited email from a source which claims to be NORS Surveys, Inc., please be advised that this is a scam and not a legitimate effort on our part to hire researchers and/or paid participants.
Please know that we are aware of these emails and are working with authorities in this area in order to shut down the parties responsible.
We advise that you DO NOT reply to any emails asking you to send any personal information.

Following is an example of the initial message you may have received:
Subject: # We will pay you to conduct surveys - Contact us.

Would you be interested in evaluating the quality of service rendered by businesses within your location.
You would be paid two hundred dollars per survey completed.
You can participate in these surveys from any location in the United States.
Participation is at no cost to you.
If you are interested write back for more details.

Thank you

Daniel Clapp
NORS Surveys, Inc.
FL 33122

If you responded to this message, you may have received a follow-up message that looks like this:
Subject: More details on our surveys program


Thank you for your response to our offer to get paid to conduct surveys in your location as a customer-insight researcher for NORS Surveys, Inc.
We have a particular specialty in market analysis and in-depth customer understanding and feedback. We are currently coordinating a program of market surveys within the United States.

With regards to our offer, we would assign to you business and franchise locations within your location, to survey. Your tasks would entail visiting the business entities assigned to you and evaluating the quality of service rendered by them.

You would be required to visit business and franchise locations such as stores, restaurants, banks, hotels and other businesses in and around your location, as a regular customer. We would provide funding to enable you act as any regular customer and experience the quality of service rendered at such a location.

You would be required to gather information about the quality of service by staff, behavior of staff and other issues at such locations.

It is your customer-experience feedback that we value during such surveys.

The data to be collated from the surveys provide valuable customer-experience feedback to businesses within the United States. This enables our clients to serve their own end-customers better.

You would be paid two hundred dollars for every customer-insight assignment completed. The number of assignments per week vary based on location. The assignments would be provided to you weekly, for a duration of time.

I wish to state clearly again that your participation is at no cost to you. We will never ask you to conduct surveys using your own money.

Before you undertake any assignment, we would provide you with funds to cover your remuneration and all expenses to be accrued by you during on-site evaluations.

We also understand that prospective customer-insight researchers may have full time jobs. In this regard we would be flexible and expect you to conduct the tasks when convenient, such as after working hours or weekends.

If you wish to participate in this program, please indicate your interest via email by providing;

Your names, your complete physical mailing address and your phone number

The information above to be provided by you, would be used to send a letter outlining your surveys assignment, and a check, to cover your pay and expenses to be made during evaluations.

Thank you for your time.

Looking forward to your next correspondence.

Daniel Clapp
NORS Surveys, Inc.
3155 NW 82nd Ave.
Suite 201
FL 33122

Respond to that message and you will receive another that looks like this:
Subject: Information Received

Thank you for providing the required information.

We will commence the surveys in your location next week. The first assignment material would be sent to the address provided by you.

I would provide you with an update as soon as we send it out.


Daniel Clapp
NORS Surveys, Inc.
3155 NW 82nd Ave.
Suite 201
FL 33122

Once the scammer has your mailing address, you will likely receive a fraudulent check and instructions on how to proceed.
The scammer will likely ask you to deposit the check into your bank account, then wire transfer a part of that money.
By the time your bank realizes the check was fraudulent and debits your account for the amount of the fraudulent check, you will have already wired your own real money over to the scammer.

NORS Surveys, Inc. does NOT solicit participants via email.
We apologize for any inconvenience caused by the scammer and encourage you to contact us if you need further information.

For further information regarding this type of scam, please visit the following pages:

Thank you.