NORS Surveys is fully-equipped for predictive and preview dialing, and can seamlessly switch to hand-dialing of cell phones in order to fully adhere to TCPA guidelines.  Additionally, we can remotely interface directly with your interviewing platform allowing us to collect data on your behalf, and perfectly within your specifications.  Our networking capabilities include a dedicated synchronous fibre connection to the internet. Our connection is routed using QoS mapping which prioritizes voice traffic for crystal-clear VOIP communications, and ensures a smooth and reliable interview flow.

Quality Control Standards

NORS uses total quality management techniques to ensure quality control in all phases of data collection. These consist of but are not limited to:

All interviewers participate in the Insights Association Interviewer Training.

All telephone interviewing is conducted from central telephone facilities and is supervised by well-trained, on-site, experienced permanent staff.

At least 10% of all surveys are validated.

Surveys are electronically time tracked for validation purposes.

Program as well as routine, strict NORS in-house training.

Interviewers are constantly monitored for survey administration efficiency and validity.

Interviewer to supervisor ratio never exceeds 9 to 1.

All surveys and screeners are edited for completeness and precision.

Software Technology

NORS uses proprietary interviewing and call management software for conducting surveys. Features include,but are not limited to:

Advanced characteristics that allow for multiple choice and rotation-within-rotation questionnaire capabilities.

Data in standard formats such as: SPSS, Excel, ASCII; as well as non-standard formats such as column binary and dBase.

On-the-spot simultaneous project updates and marginal runs.

Telephone samples are cleaned to remove duplicates and are maintained so that at all times there is an exact count of “dead” vs. “live” numbers.

Calls are auto-dialed to assure accuracy.

Intervals between callbacks for no answer, busy, answering machine, etc. 

Calls are custom set on individual project basis based on specific client needs.

Callbacks are assigned appointment times.

Frequency of calls is custom assigned to each project.