Data Processing Services

A successful research campaign would not be complete without an accurate and detailed analysis of the survey data collected. NORS Surveys understands that the value placed on data processing by our clients is paramount to providing confident results back to theirs, and guarantees that all work is completed to the highest level of precision. Our processors have extensive experience and the know-how required to deliver your results quickly, accurately, and exact to your banner plan specifications.

NORS Surveys uses advanced tabulation software to convert your data into detailed tables of results including:

Full frequencies and data scans


Data weighting (single and multiple variables)


Standard deviation

Significance testing and t-tests (at varying confidence levels)

In addition to tabulation services, our team of experts can provide a full range of data services including:

Data entry

Data format conversion

Data cleansing

Coding, editing, and translation of verbatim responses

Our data processors begin working on your results once the first batch of surveys is collected, allowing us to provide you with interim results throughout the data collection process. Upon completion of all data collection and coding, the final report is recompiled and quickly delivered for your final review.  Report writing services are also available upon request.