NORS has earned a reputation for recruitment excellence. There is no recruit too large or too small for NORS recruiters. Our extensive database has been meticulously developed for over 20 years and can provide you and your project managers with a diverse selection of consumers and professionals. We can handle even the most demanding, low incidence recruitment specifications.

NORS recruits for large group music tests and quant/qual panels, mock juries, CLTs, product placements, traditional focus groups, pre-recruited online interviews and focus groups, small groups, IDIs, in-home and shop-along interviews, and pre-recruited telephone interviews. We professionally recruit ethnic and non-ethnic consumers and professionals, patients, customers, members and potential respondents from many walks of life.

NORS will also assist you in placing your study, small or large, in the very best venue possible as well as assist you in locating and securing top-notch recruitment throughout the US and Latin America.

If you’re looking for reliable, proven recruitment and an efficient, friendly staff just call NORS.